About Us


M/s. Bhoomi Consultants is a registered Consultant for Architectural and allied Engineering services for various Government and Semi-Govt. Corporations, such as Military Engineering Services. Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation., Gujarat Housing Board., Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd, Gujarat State Police Housing Corps,, State Bank of India ,Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation, Gujarat Water Supply and Sewerage Board, Project Implementation Unit, Health Department, Gujarat State etc.



For Bhoomi Consultants, new frontiers are everyday ventures. With experience of about 25 years, comes a panoramic perspective.

Risks Associated with mountain climbing are minimized with the right tools, a  carefully chosen path, and proper teamwork. Wide range of engineers of different level of skills, are the right tools for us so that our clients’ risks can be calculated, quantified and minimized.


Bhoomi Consultants promotes innovative strategies with both the short view and long-term solution in mind. Advancing pioneering concepts, we reach our common destination through teamwork and collaboration and range of helping software, books and literatures.


With our reputation and secure knowledge, we are poised to guide your success. Each venture is mapped through planning. Whether the condition is complicated or straightforward, Bhoomi Consultants is committed to clients for safe, economic, innovative and easy solutions for all services.


An office of 2000 sq. ft. equipped with 3 telephone lines, modem, email, 2 Internet Broad – band Line at Satellite, Ahmedabad, which is a busy commercial area, easily approachable from anywhere in Ahmedabad.

11 P. C.’s on LAN, all of them Intel Pentium 556 MHz and Celeron, with 80 GB hard disk, C.D. Rom drives, CD writer, Zip Drive Multi media, to expedite design and drawing work. 2 Laptop, p133 Hz with 4.0 GB HDD, PCMCIA Modem. Major Software for Structural Design STAAD Pro., Build Master 5.5,. Strand, STRAP, & Best in addition to software developed by our office that helps design and drawing work. One A3 size Canon BJ-230, one HP Plotter, one A4 HP Laser printer and A2 size Canon 5500 plotter to facilitate good and prompt drawing quality. Two Brad band Internet Connection.

Library of replete with all necessary technical books related to Structure, Architecture, Programming Languages, Computer Graphics & CAD and pertinent I.S. codes.

Technical Staff
Sr.No Name Of Staff Degree Held Designation Experience
1 Mr. Vijay D Shah M.Tech. (Structure) CEO/Proprietor 31 Year
2 Mrs. Dina V. Shah B.E. Civil CEO/Proprietor 31 Year
3 Mrs. Akta S. Khakharia M.Tech Structure Engineer 23 Year
4 Mr. Bhargav Patel M.E.(Structure) Structure Engineer 5 Year
5 Mr. Rushi Patel M.Tech Structure Engineer 5 Year
6 Mr. Kramik Doshi M.E. (Structure) Structure Engineer 1 Year
7 Ms. Shivani Dhanwani M.Tech (Structure) Structure Engineer 3 Year
8 Mr. Nihar Shah M.Tech (Structure) Structure Engineer 2 Year
9 Mr. Hansal Soni M.Tech (Structure) Structure Engineer 1 Year
10 Mr. Lav Prajapati M.Tech (Structure) Structure Engineer 2 Year
11 Mr. Akash Kaswala M.Tech (Structure) Structure Engineer 1 Year
12 Mr. Gopalbhai Prajapati B.E. Civil Civil Engineer 30 Year
13 Mr.Jagdishbhai N Patel B.E. Civil Civil Engineer 36 Year
14 Mr. Ashok J Shah B.E. Civil Civil Engineer 44 Year
15 Mr. Manojbhai Pandya D.E. Civil Site Engineer (Civil) 31 Year
16 Mr Dhaval Panchal Diploma civil Civil Engineer 6 Year
17 Mr. Sandip Patel Diploma civil Civil Engineer 9 Year
18 Mr. Pragnesh Panchal B.E. Civil Civil Engineer 2 Year
19 Mr. Mo. Riyaz B.E. Civil Civil Engineer 6 Year
20 Mr. Jatin Mistry B.E. Civil Civil Engineer 1 Year
21 Mr. Nirav Patel B.E. Civil Civil Engineer 5 Year
22 Mr. Chandrasekhar Sharma B.E. Civil Civil Engineer 28 Year
23 Mr. Prakash Bharwad B.E. Civil Civil Engineer 2 Year
24 Mr. Rohan Mehta BE Civil Civil Engineer 1 Year
Supporting Stuff
1 Mr. Ashokbhai Patel ITI draftsman (civil) Draughtsman 22 Year
2 Mr. Paresh Prajapati Diploma civil Draughtsman 10 Year
3 Mr. Kaushik Panchal ITI draftsman (civil) Draughtsman 12 Year
4 Mr. Reghukumar K. ITI draftsman (civil) Draughtsman 35 Year
5 Mr. Meeral Patel Diploma civil Draughtsman 12 Year
6 Mr. Chetan Thakor ITI draftsman (civil) Draughtsman 10 Year
7 Mr. Vipul Thakor ITI draftsman (civil) Draughtsman 3 Year
8 Mr. Pratik Patel M.Com Admin / Account 16 Year

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